Crispell Family Association – Welcome!

Belonging to a large and historic family is an amazing voyage. When it’s a voyage you can trace through more than 12 generations and 400 years, it’s astounding. Americans with ties to the Crispell family are among those with such a richly documented heritage.

crispell-journey-mapThe journey of Crispells in America began in 1660 when a 25-year-old man named Antoine and his bride of six months took an arduous trip across the Atlantic to escape the tyranny of a Catholic monarchy in their native France. They settled in the mid-Hudson Valley area at a time when Europeans were just beginning to make inroads into what was to them a new world full of hope.

That hope has been realized. Antoine and his wife Maria started a family whose beginning in the Hurley-Kingston area of New York State now spreads from coast to coast. Even the family name is diverse, with spellings ranging from Chrispell to Crespel to Crespelle (We have on record at least 13 different spellings). However you spell it, though, and wherever you are, Crispells are connected.

We invite you to join our ongoing voyage. Please explore our site to learn much more. Sign our guest book. And if you have information about the family to share, please get in touch through our contact page.

Mission of the Crispell Family Association:

To maintain the genealogy of the Crispell family
To maintain the French Church on Huguenot Street in New Paltz
To pursue and maintain connections among Crispells everywhere
To document and preserve the family history in America