A Crispeel in Belgium

From the Newsletter

Rosette; A Distant Cousin? (Roger Crispell recent email)

For several years I have tried to cultivate contacts in Europe about our Crispell Family.

I have tried many of the spellings we have on record, starting with CRESPEL.

They include CHRISPELL, CRISTELL, CHRESPAL, CHRISPEL, and CRISPEEL. (I met a Crispeel when I was in Antwerp on a business trip in the 1980’s and corresponded for some time but it was a dead end as far as learning about other Crispell.)

More recently I was browsing our website Guest Book and met another CRISPEEL from Belgium who had made an entry back in 2008. Sharon had responded, as always, but learned that Rosette didn’t have time for further correspondence. I had better luck.

Even though she reported that her English was basic, (She speaks French and Dutch) we have exchanged information and I have sent her quite a lot of our history that’s included in Crispell Family In America. I soon learned that she was a ballet dancer and teacher, and toured the US in the 1980s. Here’s her latest unedited note that I think will interest many of you.


Roger, Little history about me.

I am born in Brussels and live there with my family. My dad was coming from the Flanders (Waarbeke) until 1930. Hey yes, always lover about History! After my marriage, I lived with my husband during 13 years in an historical castel- Chateau de Mielmont (in whome king Louis XIV comes during his fight against the citadel of Na-mur) and later, since 11 years we live in Ciney a beautifull “green” country +/- 100km from Brussels 30 km from Namur.

There we buy an old farmer (1707) that we restored. My dance school is there also. We have one child, Sarah and she is 16 years old. My husband is also a dance teacher and choregrapher: we danced in the company of Maurice Bejart.(Brussels and world tours) Belgium is not very big, you know, so we often go in France. Your are welcome if you come in Belgium. Maybe.

About Crespel in Normandy I saw on geneanet.org that there are many people true the centuries, also in Paris sometimes, who named Crespel. Crespel comes from old french “crespe”: it means “pancake”. But, in this region of France and also in Brittany the “crepes” are very fine as lace and crisp as frizy hair. I’m interested to find if Crespel, Crispell and C(h)rispeels…are families that have the same origin. I think they were first located in south of France and during the centuries they went northware for economics or religious reasons. In Flanders, dutch part of Bel-gium we find already C(h)rispeels around 1420 (end Middle age). At this time we are French province with a Burgundian prince, Philippe Le Hardi. In this period Belgium is prosperous in the world: trades and industry with his port Brugges. But Belgium, before its independence in 1830, was always the property of many others nations: France, Prussia, Holland, Spain. Thus many migrations. I think a long march trough periods before the migration towards USA as An-toine family. And I meditate on our ancestors who survived all the adventures and thanks to whom we are there corresponding beyond the oceans.