treeOne of the major tasks of any historic family is to keep track of itself. This is what the family genealogist does, with a lot of help from others who can provide key pieces of information that link individuals to each other and to the entire family tree. In the case of the Crispell Family in America, this tree is extremely old and large and has many, many branches.

If you have information to provide, please get in touch with us. Downloading and printing the FAMILY GROUP RECORD is helpful, although not necessary.

If you would like to learn about the Crispell genealogy:

Volumes 1-5 of “The Crispell Family in America” were reprinted as a three-volume set in 2006. The set includes all genealogy from the first five volumes, plus the history of the CFA, and other interesting information about the family and its members.

A CD is now available with Volumes 1-5 plus Volume 6 with thousands more names and additional history. Copies are available for $50 (Check payable to Crispell Family Association).

For more information on the reprint, visit and search CRISPELL.